Monday, February 22, 2010

A corduroy jacket

En kavaj från Burda 3/2009 modell 111 i ett tyg handlat från Marimekkos fabriksbutik. Tyget är stormönstrad bommulls-sammet. Jag försökte mitt bästa vid tillklippningen för att få mönstret att fortsätta på följande bit. Jag gjorde jeansstickning (två sömmar på 0.6 cm avstånd) med tjockare övertråd.

A jacket from Burda 3/2009 model 111 in a fabric from Marimekko's outletshop in Helsinki. The fabric is cotton corduroy in a large pattern. As I did the cutting I tried my best to get the pattern to fit with the piece beside. I did the topstitching as a jeansseam (two seams at 1/4 inch apart) with a thicker yarn.


  1. I've discovered your blog reading the jacket's review in Pattern Review.
    What an amazing jacket. The pattern matching is beatiful.

  2. Gorgeous jacket. Such lovely fabric and beautifully done.

  3. I love this jacket. I am attempting to make it but I'm having trouble with sewing the horizontal seam once the vertical dart is sewn. How do you sew the horizontal seam when there is so little room to do so. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. wow! this is excellent work! you must be so proud to wear something so exquisite that you made!